I have done my awesome big write it’s called the powerful pizza and majestic grape

The rainy day adventure

I think it’s a rainy day and they go up in the attic find a box

Yes I was right

They went up in the attic and found a box and it had a toy and other things.

James and the giant

One day I was reading in bed.i was reading James and the giant peach and so I was on a great. Start and it was a awesome book until some thing started flashing so I ran out of the room as fast as I could then I walked slowly back into the room and there it was…

A boy my age he looked confused and I was sacred to say hi or some thing I said hello he said hi where are you he said I said what’s your name he said James ok I said and I said let’s go outside . Next day.


Showntell said the teacher I put my hand up. And I got to share I said at home I have a book and a boy named James came out of the book. No joke.no said one of the kids yelled out.and when I went home I said come to school tomorrow I will show you to the class.so I did the class was shocked and they were saying things like awesome cool wow mad but that night some thing happened I could not find James but the next night I found him again. And he said I have to go now bye bye I said I was crying for two hours

Going to my grandmas house in Canada Toronto

I woke up at 1:00 am in the morning and when we went to the airport and when we where there we got our bags checked then about 1hour later we were on the plane I was bored . Then we landed in Sydney and then we went straight to another plane the flight took 24hrs then when we landed we got on one more plane that took 2 hrs then it took a 2 hr drive and when we got there my uncles came to the house and my auntie’s came and it was so cold down in the basement and sleep in the computer room I played lots of games
At night then after 4 weeks I had to go home on the same planes

My goal is to and at least 3 wow words in my big write

5 facts about Anzac

The Anzacs landed on the wrong beach and some were killed in the boat and the youngest person to go in the war was a 16 year old boy and the Anzacs ate dinner with the Turkish army. Over 11,0000 Anzacs died

My spelling

We should play sports

We should play sports because lots of people are becoming fat and no one want to be fat
So kids should do sports and adults should start to be active and not be on the TV
All day and sport is fun and


.teaches you ladder ship

.teaches you rules

. You wont become fat

.you will be fit

.you will learn to lose games

.you can become more fair in games

.you can learn form the things that happen in the game

.and you can be able to play other games if you have played the same game

Kids and adults should play sport to keep heathy and fit and eat heathy as well

My spelling














My big write

The golden beacon tree

One day the golden beacon tree was planted in a paddock and about 8 moths later a brick was found so they throw the brick near the tree .And one year the pig died so they berried the pig next to the tree .5 years later the was so tall and big that they forget about the tree . Then a baby was born it was a boy when he could walk he found the tree. When he was down he would go to the tree. But…

One day he found some golden beacon on the ground so then he looked up and about 600 beacon strips were up there. He gasped
He said wow so he picked one up and ate it yummy so he picked to take home to eat he’s mum found it in he’s room.his mum ate the beacon and asked her son where did you get it from I got it from the tree .ok said the mum went and picked so they can eat it.

I can write 2 paragraphs and spell

I can do my Character caption and do it well

My goal is to have more connectives

Confirmation is a sacrament

Spirit is a ghost

Understanding in some thing to help you know what it is

Judgement is someone who judges you


Knowledge is some thing you know

This is how I feel about Sudan

I wish they had hospitals and medical assisted

This is the link to Zacks and Kaylans story



It makes me feel sad that 3638 kids are homeless and it’s disturbing that 33% of homeless people are homeless because of domestic violence and relationship issues 39 people stay in overcrowd dwelling there are more men homeless then lady’s.
789 men have a rough sleep




The balloon rocket.

Aim: to make the balloon fly

Materials: a length of string (3 meters)
A balloon
A straw
Sticky tape
3 people ( 2 people to hold the string
1 person to blow the balloon up)

Steps: 1 hold the string straight and tight
2 thread the string through the straw
3 blow up the balloon
4 stick the balloon to the straw with sticky tape
5 let the balloon go



This years camp

We went to camp Cooriemungle and the bus took about 3 hours and then we grabbed a random persons bags and sat in front of the canteen and then we had afternoon tea then we got are bags and went to are cabin and got settled in then we got in are groups and my gourd was number 7 and we had d I hit the target and then we did that for an hour then we did canoeing then we came back for then we came back for dinner for dinner we had pasta bake then we went to are cabin to get some thing warm on then we went to cook marshmallows and I didn’t want one
After that we had supper and we had a hot chocolate and a biscuit and then we went to are cabin to sleep Braiden and I were the last one to sleep

The next day
In the morning I got out of my sleeping bag and sat there for a hour and then we had breakfast and I had cereal and some toast and then we got in are groups and I had comando and I won in comando and then we did the flying fox and it was so much fun then we came back for some morning tea and there were muffins and fruit and then I did the giant swing I did not want to go on it but I went on it and had so much fun then we did low ropes and I went first then we had lunch and then we had afternoon tea then we had dinner and for dinner we had bear and potatoes and and veggies I had it all and ate it then we went to are cabin and we went to are cabin then we all went to bed

The next day
The next morning we had to wait an hour then we had the same thing for breakfast but this time I had just toast then we got in are groups and went to are last activity and my last activity was bush cooking and we made damper and zack cort my damper on firer but it tasted great then we came back and had are morning tea then we had lunch then we got on the bus and went home and when we got back we grabbed a random bag and placed it on the sports field and then we found are bag and went home


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  1. Dear Kaylan,

    You have uploaded excellent work this semester on your English Page. You have completed excellent pieces for Big Write. Your writing has improved over the term and I hope you continue your great work. Remember to use editing time during Big Write to read over and proof read your work.

    Well done.
    From Fiona

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