Vietnamese boat people 1970

I made a paper boat

WOW! I did not know that!

Pirates were real.

North versus South Vietnam War – North won

4 million Vietnamese died during the war,

1.5 million tried to escape by boat to other countries.

How did any of the stories make you feel? Why?

I would feel sad, I would be crying, I would be scared.

Because people have died – we have no idea where we are going and what will happen to us.

What might I want to learn more about?

How did this war start?

I learnt the difference between a asylum seeker and a refugee

A refugee is some one who is aloud to go to a country but and asylum seeker is some one who needs to be processed

I learnt in Roberts group that they use a frames for houses

I learnt in the first fleet they had little water and food

I learnt about that Chinese came to ballarat

I learnt that world war 2 that there was a black out

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