Reflection term 4

Confirmation was on Sunday and it was cool and easy .Travel project and we had money to send people to places in the world it took us the whole term we.We had the winter sleep out and my friends and I sleeped on the retreat in lc2. Sports day I wore my geelong gurney and my friend will wore his bulldogs gurney.

Week 2 reflection

What have I have enjoyed?

Starting our maths project

The multicultural football favourite thing this week

Must dos = making games

Cross over in Pe


The balloon rocket


Olsc s got talent

What I am proud of this week

Participating in the footy

Leading pal

What my goal for next week

To have fun at lightning premiship

To finish my must dos

Week 4, Term 4.
Something I have enjoyed this week
I liked it because we won Lightning premiship
I loved sport this week
Learning about hearing aides in Specialists
I like the Pencil case design because it might be helpful

Something I have learnt this week
Learning Angles in maths
Learning about Hearing aides in Auslan
Learning about Scrolls in art
My goals for next week

To finish two tasks in the morning

To remember my library card

Week 5 reflection

Something I enjoyed this week

Long weekend


Sport just as a senior group

Passion project

I learnt this week


Garage band

Soil comprehension

My goal for next week is

To remember my library card

To finish two tacks in the morning
Week 6

I enjoyed


Doing a epic Fail at Olsc got talent

Making a game for the class

Playing out side with my friends

I learnt

How to do scrolls in art

Multiplication two double digits

Learning about Poppies

Remembrance Day the 1 minute of silence


To have fun at camp

To finish Auslan work

To finish my work

Term 4, Week 8

What I have enjoyed


olsc got talent

Completing my work

What I have learnt


Writing in first person

Making a story

My goal

To finish my work on the first day

And to have fun and do well

Term four reflection

Maths project this term our maths project was to make estate and our group name was tekin. are Moto was tekin builds homes and the people in my group were tyla and Kaseylae and we made 12 apartments and three houses. we called our estate manor view.manor view has a swimming pool and a shopping Center and a lake to fish in as well as its got a basement in a house with a up stairs now this project was very fun and exciting. I loved this project because I got to design a house

Design and technology

We did a project were we had to make a product that will help who ever byes the product. so we got a skate board and we wanted to make this skate board run bye its self and so we put a coke bottle on the skate board and the people in me group was Braiden and will and Daniel and we painted it a lot and then we tried it out and Braiden stuffed it up because he dropped wrong then the bottle,was to much to the bolts and it was spraing the board the items we used were coke and mentos.

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