Performing arts

This term we have to find out about a country and Brendon and I we are doing things from Chile

We have found out that a mandolin is the most used instrument in Chile

Chilean National Dance is Cueca

Chiles national anthem is http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SvkVX99nBUc The most used instrument in the national anthem is trumpets.

I learnt

1. How to make a self portrait

2.how to make a clay model

3. How to draw a dragon

I enjoyed

1.the drawing side of art

2. I like the pic collage

My group worked well by using time well.

I think art is fun because you can show your inner self.

Next term I will make better art then before.


Sport reflection

I have learnt

I learnt how to hit a tea ball

How to keep the ball and score a point

How to play cross over- is a invasion game

My highlight

Invasion games

Workouts- how to use fitness equipment and how to keep my agility

Hotshot tennis


Create a game

Lighting prem was awesome because we won

Multicultural afl


Football clinic


Performing arts reflection

What I have enjoyed in performing arts is being a judge for olsc’s got talent and acting a mime to the class, and space jump as well as heritage project,the other fun activities
What I have learnt I have learnt how to mime and to judge and as well as to act and to play space jump and clowning and play fun games.

Auslan reflection

I have learnt to sign my name and to say good morning and, colours

I know how to help Deaf people by not wearing colourful clothes and finger spell to a Deaf person and then I can learn the sign
The highlight of Auslan is the awesome project and learning


Visual art reflection semester 2

I learnt Making a clay model doing a Self portrait And we had a Art show as well as having to Draw cool things.
Making scrolls with paper and I learnt how to make an awesome scrolls.

I enjoyed drawing the self portrait . Drawing things

My group work

Think that my group worked very well and tried there best and hardest.

I think art is great because my feelings escape with art

Art has helped me in maths and art mainly because I love art and maths

Mandarin reflection


I will teach the preps to draw and write the symbol for dragon and they can draw the dragon

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