Why so and how can it be better

What I did I designed rims in johns group

In Paul’s group I crossed a river in 9 crossings

In Fiona’s group were did the thinking keys and I wonder if I can help the police with my invention the tank

I lernt about phones and the differents about the I phone and the brick phone

In Roberts one we built a bridge out of pasta and ours were awesome

Identifying the problem.

What does not work as well as you want it to work

Cures for diseases and other things

What problem(s) would you like see be fixed

O zone layer

What needs are not being filled

The poor

If you could invent something to make your life easier what would you invent

What is the problem?

Why is the problem?

How can it be solved?

How can the product be improved?

What is the problem PS3 controllers sticks get sweaty

Why is the problem sweaty controllers sticks

How can it be solved make a towel controller sticks

How can the product be improved make a towel controller sticks

What is a invention? The action of making something

What is a innovation? Something new made

What am I wondering how they make a lava lamp

Is my idea an invention to make the lava lamp become cold instead of being hot

A small little pack and you can strap to your belt and you can put pencils in it and it has a fan attached to it and that has a milk shake holder and slushy maker and a lollie maker

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